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Family Office
17 August 2020

Editor's Summer Picks: Family Offices' Contrasting Property Investment Stories

As the summer vacation season - in this most extraordinary of years - gets under way and some of...

Family Office
6 August 2020

Another Report Maps Family Offices Landscape

A fresh report has come out to fuel debate on what is the true size of the world's family offices...

Family Office
16 July 2020

Single Family Offices Stay Poised Amid Market Storms - UBS Global Study

This study suggests that the vast majority of single family offices adjusted their portfolios to...

Family Office
2 July 2020

Morgan Stanley Launches New Family Offices Guide

The US firm is launching a new guide for the family offices sector, a sign of how banks view such...

Family Office
12 June 2020

India Software Tycoon's Family Office Makes AI Bet

This story is part of our coverage of how family offices invest and the trends in the space. In...

Family Office
8 June 2020

New Citi Private Bank Group Draws Clients Amid Pandemic

The US-based bank said its new private capital group, which is designed to give institutional...

Family Office
1 June 2020

IQ-EQ launches Dedicated Family Offices Offering

The new group draws on expertise across the business and highlights how the family offices markets...

Family Office
27 May 2020

Big Tech Family Offices Seed Biotech Investment

The family office of Jeff Bezos, and that of the late co-founder of Microsoft are among those...

Family Office
18 May 2020

Expect More Family Office Combinations - Tiedemann Constantia

This news service spoke to a firm, fresh from combining with US-based Tiedemann Advisors, about...

Family Office
16 April 2020

Trends In Family Offices: The Standard Chartered View

As part of this news service's series examining trends within the world's family offices industry,...

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Family Office
18 September 2012

Emergency Succession Series: Leading A Company After The Sudden Death Of The CEO/Owner


Family Office
17 September 2012

Emergency Succession Series: Leading A Company After The Sudden Death Of The CEO/Owner


Family Office
17 August 2012

The Best Practices Of Successful, Multi-Generational Families - New FBN, FOX Study

The world’s most successful, multi-generational families routinely adopt best practices on...

Family Office
14 August 2012

INTERVIEW: The Wigmore Association Sets The Tone For Global Multi-Family Office Collaboration

When six heavyweight family offices teamed up in 2011 to form the Wigmore Association, it opened up...

Family Office
13 August 2012

Picking The Best Wealth Advisors From The Rest

Some big names in the industry have turned their attention to differentiating between advisors who...

Family Office
30 July 2012

INTERVIEW: Signature - A New Way Of Looking At “New” Wealth

It’s hard to argue with the idea that wealth managers need to stay close to wealth creators....

Family Office
9 July 2012

Wealth In Harmony: Defining "Family Wealth" For All

“Family wealth” is a term used freely in our industry. Unlike “oligarchical wealth” or...

Family Office
22 June 2012

Formalizing The Role Of Family Office As Risk Manager – New FOX Study

A family office’s central role is as a risk manager, says FOX in a new study, and this idea needs...

Family Office
21 June 2012

Exec Directors At SFOs Earning In The Millions, But With Large Variations

Average compensation for executive directors at single family offices is nearly $1.6 million, with...

Family Office
25 May 2012

State Profile: Wealth Managers Hitting Gold In California

In 1848, James Marshall found gold in California, creating a rush of wealth-seekers to the state....