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Fund Management
11 April 2023

A Singular Focus On US Equities At Findlay Park Partners

This publication recently spoke to a firm with one fund only – a portfolio holding US equities...

Fund Management
3 March 2023

Recovery For Growth Stocks Expected In Japan – Quaero Capital

Tokyo-based fund managers, Taeko Setashi and Robert Tull, of the Quaero Capital Atlantis Japan...

Fund Management
1 February 2023

Milltrust Bets On "Smart Protein" Revolution

The fund taps into trends that are re-shaping how food is produced and brought to the table, such...

Fund Management
10 January 2023

Ireland Greenlights Highvern For Fund Administration

The move by the Central Bank of Ireland gives Highvern an EU foothold following the UK’s...

Fund Management
23 December 2022

UK's Gresham House Outlines Latest Fundraising

Gresham House, a specialist alternative asset manager focused on sustainable investing, discusses...

Fund Management
20 December 2022

Baillie Gifford Lights Up On Lithium, Fuelled By Electric Car Trend

As investors face volatile markets, high inflation rates and geopolitical tensions, an investment...

Fund Management
15 December 2022

US Investment House Sees Opportunities In Emerging Markets Debt

US-based Payden & Rygel, a privately-owned global investment firm, has released a white paper...

Fund Management
9 December 2022

Guinness To Launch China-Focused Fund

Sharukh Malik, portfolio manager, Asian & Emerging Markets, at Guinness Global Investors discusses...

Fund Management
24 November 2022

Top Stock Picks – Quaero Capital

As investors face increasingly volatile markets, high inflation rates and geopolitical tensions, an...

Fund Management
22 November 2022

What's New In Investments, Funds? – BlackRock

The latest news in investment offerings, financial products and other services relative to wealth...

Comment & Analysis results for Fund Management

Fund Management
2 June 2005

APCIMS Boss Says Private Client Firms Swamped by Regulation

UK private client investment managers and stockbrokers are swamped by too much regulation, which is...

Fund Management
31 May 2005

Financial Sector Job Boom in London

Jobs in the financial services industry are approaching levels achieved during the dot-com boom,...

Fund Management
27 May 2005

Offshore Funds Are More Expensive Than UK Funds—Report

The average annual management charge for offshore funds is almost the same as for UK-domiciled...

Fund Management
19 May 2005

Having Skin in the Game Helps Fund Managers

Mutual funds perform better when their directors have significant ownership in the funds they...

Fund Management
18 May 2005

Luxembourg and Dublin Dominate Fund Flows

Offshore centres Luxembourg and Dublin saw a record inflow of €13 billion ($16,4 billion) in net...

Fund Management
10 May 2005

Private Banks: The Winners and Losers in Europe

Private banks will need to transform themselves as the battle intensifies for the management of the...

Fund Management
27 April 2005

Investment Trends in 2005

After the relatively festive end to 2004, January 2005 began in reflective mood. The impact of the...

Fund Management
25 April 2005

Asset Management: The Winners & The Losers

The global asset management sector is experiencing rapid change with specialist providers gaining...

Fund Management
12 April 2005

Fund Companies: Few Clients Trust Them

Few American consumers trust their primary mutual fund company or believe it’s an especially good...

Fund Management
6 April 2005

Fund Management Research Highlights Polarisation

Research by Morgan Stanley based upon data from Tremont Capital shows that hedge fund inflows...