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29 January 2016

Private Equity Investors Happily Surprised By Results, Valuations Getting Stretched - Preqin

Private equity investors were mostly pleasantly surprised by how this asset class performed last...

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27 January 2016

Despite Testing Markets At Year End, Alternative Investment AuM Reached A Record In 2015

While the latter months of 2015 saw markets slide, the size of assets held in hedge funds, private...

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7 January 2016

Private Capital Funds Set To Beat Money-Raising Totals In 2015 - Preqin

The market for raising money in private funds - covering a range of asset classes - looked buoyant...

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18 December 2015

Hedge Funds On Course For Weakest Performance Year Since 2011 - Preqin

2015 is not set to go down as a banner year for the world's hedge fund industry, according to new...

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16 October 2015

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Latest Data Shows Hedge Funds On Course To Beat Equities - Just - In 2015; Is That Enough?

Figures suggest hedge funds might slightly beat equities this year although once fees are stripped...

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5 October 2015

Trade Sales Big Driver Of Private Equity Exits In Q3; Asia Shines - Preqin

This report shines light on trends in how private equity investments are being realised. ...

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9 September 2015

Survey Shows Most Consistent Hedge Funds Over Past Five Years

Which hedge fund managers have most consistently delivered in the five years to June 2015, asks...

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3 September 2015

"Dry Powder" Builds Up In Global Private Equity Sector; Investors Remain Upbeat On Asset Class - Preqin

The amount of unspent capital in private equity funds is piling up but so far investors remain...

7 August 2015

New York City’s Hedge Fund Industry Dwarfs London’s – Preqin Data

The hedge fund industry in New York City is almost three times the size of that in London,...

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27 February 2015

Regulation Gives Hedge Fund Industry The Biggest Headache - Preqin

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a survey of the hedge fund industry says regulation is the biggest...

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