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19 January 2015

Malta Draws In $521 Million Via Investor Programme

Malta’s controversial investor programme, launched a year ago, has so far drawn in more than 400...

12 January 2015

One Of World's Richest Men Shifts Empire To Caymans From Hong Kong

In a move raising questions about Hong Kong's status as a corporate hub, one of the richest tycoons...

17 December 2014

New Company Registrations In Offshore Centres Rose In H1 - Appleby

Despite all the talk about the pressures against offshore financial centres, some statistics...

11 December 2014

Cayman Islands Vents Anger Over UK's Public Register Of Beneficial Ownership Idea - Media

The Cayman Islands government has strongly opposed a public register of beneficial ownership unless...

11 December 2014

Guernsey Reports Strong Approval Rate For New Funds

Guernsey has approved 42 investment funds, racking up 140 additions in the 12 months to the end of...

8 December 2014

Offshore Specialist Appleby Hooks Title Of Official America's Cup Law Firm

While ultra-wealthy persons seem to prefer splashing the cash on gargantuan motor yachts when it...

24 November 2014

Bermuda May Adopt Public Register Of Beneficial Ownership - But Only After Others Do

Bermuda’s government today said it will wait to adopt a public register of beneficial ownership...

17 November 2014

Swiss Banker Charged In US Court Over Tax Conspiracy

A US court has charged a former Swiss banker for conspiring with taxpayers to hide hundreds of...

7 November 2014

Luxembourg Vows To Push Back Against Secrecy Culture After Massive Leak - Report

Luxembourg has vowed to push back against its secretive financial system and responded to claims...

20 October 2014

Guernsey Signs Financial Cooperation Pact With Beijing

In a sign of how offshore financial jurisdictions are competing to win a share of China’s immense...

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