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27 July 2015

Controversy In Paradise: Maldives Opens Up To Foreign Land Ownership

The network of thousands of coral islands in the Indian Ocean, which has signaled it wants to be an...

17 July 2015

Appleby Carries Out MBO Of Fiduciary Business

There has been a management buyout of the law firm's fiduciary business at a time of continued...

7 July 2015

Guernsey Gets Seal Of Approval From OECD As Row Over EU "Blacklist" Rumbles On

It appears that a large organisation representing the world's leading industrialised powers is...

1 July 2015

GUEST ARTICLE: QROPS: The Times, They Are A' Changing

The UK authorities continue to act against the exploitation of rules involving what are called...

25 June 2015

BVI Joins Queue Of Offshore Centres Criticising European Commission's Blacklist

One of the more prominent offshore jurisdictions has joined the ranks of those criticising their...

24 June 2015

Bermuda Taken Off Poland's Blacklist Of Non-Cooperative Tax Jurisdictions, Minister Says

Bermuda says that it is no longer standing in the naughty corner as far as Poland is concerned, as...

22 June 2015

Jurisdictions Irate As EU Puts Them On Blacklist

Two senior Guernsey government officials have strongly contested the offshore jurisdiction's...

17 June 2015

Swiss Wealth Management Industry Gets Double Boost From Voters, Latest Data

Voters have shot down a proposal to impose a new federal inheritance and gift tax regime in...

12 June 2015

GUEST COMMENT: HSBC's Gulliver's Tax Status - When British-Born UK Tax Residents Claim Foreign Domiciles

A complex and controversial issue around when British-born UK tax residents claim a foreign...

4 June 2015

Offshore Jurisdictions Enjoy Rise In New Company Formation

The majority of offshore centres experienced a year-on-year rise in company formations in 2014,...

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