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28 April 2016

Investment Migration Takes Centre Stage In Forthcoming Conference

The burgeoning field for investment visas and citizenship-by-investment programmes around the world...

21 April 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Visa Pains - Creating A US Taxable Estate By Accident

The US EB-5 Visa Program is an example of a "golden visa" regime, which a number of countries...

20 April 2016

Vast Majority Of Boardroom Bosses Want More Beneficial Ownership Data - EY Survey

Long before the Panama Papers saga erupted to highlight the issue, senior executives in companies...

19 April 2016

Asia's Labuan Joins Push To Stress Transparency Amid Panama Papers Saga

A jurisdiction in Asia has added to the chorus of international financial centres highlighting...

18 April 2016

NEWS ANALYSIS: Major European Countries Turn Up The Heat For Beneficial Ownership Data

Some of the leading countries in the European Union have signed a deal to, they say, enhance how...

13 April 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Limitations, Dangers Of Panama Papers Operation - Geneva Professor

A senior academic in Switzerland, who has already issued a strong defence of that country's...

12 April 2016

Cameron's Push For Greater Crown Dependency Transparency Draws Welcome

This publication carries latest news about the saga known as the "Panama Papers". ...

7 April 2016

IFCs Line Up To Stress Compliance Credentials Amid Panama Saga

As the affair of the "Panama Papers" continued, offshore jurisdictions stressed their work to stay...

6 April 2016

GUEST COMMENT: The Panama Papers - What Price Client Confidentiality?

One of the many strands of the Panama Papers affairs is how it highlights the often very different...

6 April 2016

Guernsey Stresses Transparency, Rejects Direct UK Rule Claim As Panama Saga Rages

Guernsey has spoken out about its own standing as an offshore centre and its conduct amid renewed...

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