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10 September 2021

"Resilience" Art Market Watchword - UBS Half Year Review

Dealers remain highly valued by investors and are weighing the impact of digital art on their...

15 April 2021

Global Online Art Continues Fulfillment Promise

The art market took a massive sales hit last year but the online marketplace continues to pick up...

16 March 2021

The Art Market In 2020: UBS Basel Report

Virtually all market segments suffered declines last year, creating the biggest recession in the...

15 March 2021

Art Market Mobilises To Meet AML Risks

A new programme endorsed by multiple stakeholders will offer free training for galleries and...

16 February 2021

Kleinwort Hambros Extends Annual Art Prize

To widen the spotlight on new talent in UK contemporary art, the investment firm will name three...

21 December 2020

Online Art Auction Growth Here To Stay - Citi Private Bank Study

The fine art auction market can act as a temperature measure for how high net worth and ultra-HNW...

10 September 2020

The State Of Art: UBS's, Art Basel's Half-Year Verdict

Gallery sales dropped by over a third in the first six months of 2020 as the majority of galleries...

2 September 2020

A Law Firm's Primer On How To Avoid Acquiring Fake Art

As more fine art is sold online - accelerated by the pandemic - the risk of people buying fakes or...

27 August 2020

Pandemic Slams UK's Art, Collectables Exports

Unsurprisingly because of the lockdowns, the pandemic has hit the export of fine art and other...

3 August 2020

“Show Me The Monet”: Using Civil Remedies To Illuminate Shady Arts World

It is imperative that flexible mechanisms are used in the fight against art fraud. Civil tools shed...

Comment & Analysis results for Art

11 January 2011

The Essentials Of Investment-Grade Art

The trend to collect investment-grade art as a store of value has been growing steadily over the...

17 November 2008

Are Passion Investment Funds Becoming The New Alternatives?

There is currently a trend toward passion investment funds which could provide a highly fruitful...

28 April 2008

Will Distressed Art be the Next Opportunity for Investment Funds?

Over the past weeks we have seen opportunity capital that is well organised and looking for a home...

7 November 2007

The WB Art Interview: The Art Trading Fund

August saw the launch of the Art Trading Fund, the first hedge fund to focus purely on short-term...

8 October 2007

Assessing Art as an Investment: Applying Hedonic Value Analysis to Prints