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10 December 2015

Lawyers Berate UK For Pushing To Make Tax Evasion A Crime Even When There's No Intent

Proposed tough UK new powers to stamp out tax evasion, punishing offenders even if they have not...

16 October 2015

EXCLUSIVE GUEST ARTICLE: Kingsley Napley On The Sharland, Gohil Divorce And Financial Orders Case

A major divorce case ruling this week in London, concerning the vexed issue of dishonesty around...

Client Affairs
2 March 2015

EXCLUSIVE EXPERT VIEW: Tax And Divorce - If Not Now, When?

Wealthy people in unhappy marriages should begin to think about what is the best time to end their...

22 December 2014

EXPERT VIEW: Cooper-Hohn Divorce Ruling Won't Reduce London's Legal Allure - Kingsley Napley

The UK recently saw one of the biggest-ever divorce settlements in an era that has already seen its...

25 September 2014

EXCLUSIVE EXPERT VIEW: Media Reporting Lessons From Cooper-Hohn Divorce Case

The author of this article is William Healing, family law partner at Kingsley Napley. He is writing...

24 January 2014

Reform UK's Visa Programme For HNWIs To Boost Economy, Says Law Firm

A UK visa system for HNW investors should be reformed, and in some ways relaxed, to boost the...

8 January 2007

City Law Firm Appoints Head of Private Clients

Emma Lampier has joined City law firm Kingsley Napley as a partner leading its private client...

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