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5 July 2016

Isle Of Man Government Says Stay Calm After Moody's Cuts Outlook Post-Brexit

The British Crown Dependency suffered a cut to its outlook from Moody's, the rating agency, after...

4 July 2016

IFCs React To Brexit Vote; Some Set Confident Tone, Others More Nervous

From the Cayman Islands to Mauritius, and from Switzerland to Guernsey, financial hubs have reacted...

30 June 2016

Bermuda Firm Gives Acquired Business A Makeover

An insurance firm acquired by a fellow Bermuda-based business has been renamed. ...

30 June 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Creditor Opportunities From The Panama Papers Saga

This article explores the opportunity created by the Panama Papers saga for creditors to identify...

23 June 2016

Abu Dhabi, Cayman Islands Sign MoU Over Information Exchange

The two jurisdictions have paved the way for information exchange. ...

20 June 2016

EDITORIAL COMMENT: US Talks The Talk, But Doesn't Walk The Walk On Transparency

The country that has arguably done more than any other to push for financial transparency from...

9 June 2016

US Hedge Fund Reportedly Threatens Lawsuit Against Panama's Mossack Fonseca

A US hedge fund has created another twist in the saga of the so-called "Panama Papers". ...

10 May 2016

Journalist Consortium Issues Second Wave Of Data From Panama Papers

The journalist group that obtained data on hundreds of thousands of accounts from Panama has issued...

28 April 2016

Investment Migration Takes Centre Stage In Forthcoming Conference

The burgeoning field for investment visas and citizenship-by-investment programmes around the world...

21 April 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Visa Pains - Creating A US Taxable Estate By Accident

The US EB-5 Visa Program is an example of a "golden visa" regime, which a number of countries...

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