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21 March 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Wealth Management GCC Conference Puts Offshore Under Microscope

The offshore world faces many challenges as demands for transparency increase but remains highly...

8 March 2016

US Turns Sights On Singapore In Hunt For Tax Cheats - Law Firm

A US law firm has taken a closer look at a case pitting the US authorities once more against the...

7 March 2016

US Seeks Singapore Financial Data On UBS Client - Report

One of UBS's clients, now living in China, is being pursued by US tax authorities seeking...

4 March 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Switzerland Must Stand Up For Its Financial Centre, Says Geneva Professor

A senior academic figure in Switzerland says the Alpine state needs to be more assertive in...

4 March 2016

Value Of M&A Deals Via Offshore Centres Boomed In 2015; Caymans, Hong Kong Shine

The death of offshore has been greatly exaggerated, as Mark Twain might have said after new...

23 February 2016

INTERVIEW: What's New From The Isle Of Man

A senior figure pushing the development of financial services in the Isle of Man spoke to this...

25 January 2016

Isle Of Man Refuses Idea Of Public Register Of Companies

The jurisdiction is opposed to the UK government's idea that such centres create a public register...

20 January 2016

Offshore IPOs Rose In 2015; Hong Kong Tops Listing Venues

One way of measuring the vigour of offshore centres is the number of initial public offerings...

7 January 2016

Gibraltar Widens Market Offerings

The battle between international financial centres to win business continues with Gibraltar's stock...

16 December 2015

Monaco Signs Multilateral Pact To Exchange Data - OECD

The tiny jurisdiction has become the latest to sign an agreement paving the way for automatic data...

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