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Family Office
9 July 2015

China's Noah Holdings, US-Based McKinley Collaborate On Global Family Office Solution

A China-focused wealth management firm is teaming up with a US company and a prominent academic to...

Family Office
1 July 2015

INTERVIEW: Sharpen Your Pencils: A Look At How To Create A "Family Bank"

A Canada-based wealth manager working with families across the world has taken time out to share...

Family Office
1 July 2015

Trusted Family Organisation Gets A Makeover

A business working in the area of family-run firms and family offices has had a brand update. ...

Family Office
2 June 2015

US-Based Virtual Data Room Firm Offers Wealthy Families "Vaults" To Share Information

A virtual solution for wealth families wishing to exchange confidential personal and financial...

Family Office
29 May 2015

High-Ranking Australian Entrepreneur Opens Family Office To Outsiders - Media

A prominent Australian businessman and investor is opening his family office to outside money,...

Family Office
26 May 2015

Founding Partner Of Blackstone's GSO To Create Family Office

A family office is being created by one of the co-founders of a unit of US private equity house...

Family Office
27 April 2015

One Of Alibaba's Top Executives To Form Family Office - Report

Asia is yet relatively underdeveloped as a family office market but an executive at its biggest...

Family Office
13 April 2015

Trend Continues Of US Hedge Funds Converting Into Family Offices

The route to becoming a family office has been taken by a hedge fund in the US, continuing a...

Family Office
31 March 2015

European Family Offices Start To Feel More Love For Venture Capital

A few years ago, family offices didn't appear to be all that keen on venture capital. The situation...

Family Office
17 March 2015

International Multi-Family Office Joins Forces With China-Focused Trust House

The MFO and the trust firm have joined in a strategic partnership to target the Chinese HNW market....

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