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6 July 2021

Want Yield, Diversification? Check Out Emerging Market Debt

The author of this commentary sets out the case for holding emerging market debt. ...

Investment Strategies
2 July 2021

Citi Private Bank Positions For Pandemic's End

The private bank reflected on how client portfolios should be set up as some light at the end of...

Investment Strategies
29 June 2021

Deutsche Predicts Shrinking Eurozone-US Growth Gap, Smiles On Select Equities

The banking group is one of a cluster of large lenders that are issuing half-year growth,...

Investment Strategies
25 June 2021

Global Growth To Accelerate; Cyclical Equities Hold Appeal - Credit Suisse

At the half-way point of 2021, the bank sets out its thoughts on what particular equity markets -...

Investment Strategies
23 June 2021

Targeted Opportunities In Profitable Lending Businesses

A collateralised loan obligation is a single security backed by a pool of corporate debt. With a...

Investment Strategies
9 June 2021

US Wealth Manager Smiles On UK-Listed Opportunities

We recently spoke to a senior investment manager about his approach and he noted how a significant...

Investment Strategies
1 June 2021

LGT Private Banking Pledges Net Zero Emissions Goal

The private banking group, which operates in a number of wealth management centres, has flagged its...

Investment Strategies
14 May 2021

Sky-High CPI: How Wealth Sector Reads Inflation Figures

Reactions to Wednesday's higher-than-expected CPI figures were swift, suggesting what this poses...

Investment Strategies
10 May 2021

How Family Offices Can Join The Health Tech Revolution 

Family offices make natural investors in health technology and fields such as biotech, being...

Investment Strategies
27 April 2021

The ESG Phenomenon - Aviva Investors

Developments and commentary in and around the ESG investment space. ...

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