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4 November 2019

Family Offices' Perspectives: Sandaire

This news service recently spoke to Sandaire, the London-based multi-family office, about the...

Family Office
29 October 2019

SFO Conversions To Multi-Family Offices Pick Up

This publication talks to a multi-family office, which is part of a global association, asking why...

Family Office
15 October 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Europe's Single Family Offices: How Assets Compare

This article shows the actual size of Europe's single family offices and see how they stack up in...

Family Office
18 July 2019

Management Buyout Set To Expand Boston Multi Family Office Footprint

Buyout is a response to client demands and bolsters MFO's European offshore and onshore wealth...

Family Office
1 July 2019

Complexity, Investment Demands Drive Family Office Services - Citco

Family offices - apart from the very largest - struggle to carry out all their necessary tasks...

Family Office
23 May 2019

US Family Offices Execs' Pay Rises, More Long-Term Comp Plans - Morgan Stanley

A study drills into the details of how and why family office compensation plans are changing in the...

Family Office
29 April 2019

WealthBriefing Launches New Online Family Office Database

This publication is embarking on a major new partnership with Highworth Research to deliver data on...

Family Office
17 April 2019

Digital Digest: The Latest Tech News - FINTRX

The latest tech news in wealth management across the world. ...

Family Office
15 April 2019

UHNW Families Go Cool On Traditional Leadership - Stonehage Fleming

The leadership, risk management and inter-generational dynamics of families have been put under the...

Family Office
28 March 2019

Sandaire's Business Expansion Continues

The roll-out of the new business follows Sandaire's corporate finance launch. ...

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