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19 May 2020

Quilter Opens Mental Health Resilience Support Hub

Wellbeing experts and behavioural economists are among those offering support as external advisors...

Client Affairs
15 May 2020

Getting Disciplined About ESG, Industry Takes Stock

More views on the strides of ESG from leading practitioners at Cornerstone Capital; Maitri in Asia,...

Client Affairs
16 April 2020

What's New In Investments, Funds? - Sanlam UK, Deutsche Bank WM

The latest developments in wealth management, including new product and services offerings. ...

Client Affairs
14 April 2020

Stay Positioned For Equity Recovery Sooner Rather Than Later - Rothschild

Suggestions that the globe faces a 1930s-style Depression because of the suppression measures to...

Client Affairs
9 April 2020

PIMFA Scales Up Scam Advice To Worried Savers

PIMFA is releasing more fraud and scams prevention guidelines to help savers navigate in these...

Client Affairs
26 March 2020

Coronavirus, Public Policy And Markets: What Wealth Managers Say

As inboxes overflow with updates on the global response to COVID-19, here is a mix of responses...

Client Affairs
19 March 2020

Insurance Group Warns Of Coronavirus Ricochet Effect

An advisor to the insurance sector has warned that the hit to insurers from COVID-19 disruption...

Client Affairs
10 March 2020

Will Downing Street Pull A Big Surprise? Pre-Budget Industry Comment

The question will be just how radical does Boris Johnson and Downing Street want to be? "It remains...

Client Affairs
2 March 2020

Elder Care "Needs A New Narrative"

That was the assessment of Baroness Ros Altmann speaking at an elder care summit last week in...

Client Affairs
25 February 2020

How Much Further Can Virus Spread: Fresh Market Reaction

The question being batted around is whether this is contained to a first quarter hit or whether...

Comment & Analysis results for Client Affairs

Client Affairs
5 May 2005

Performance Issues in Executive Compensation

The vast majority of share-based long-term incentive plans operated by UK listed companies include...

Client Affairs
18 April 2005

Client Satisfaction Improves Sharply with UK Wealth Managers

Client satisfaction at UK private banks and wealth managers has improved remarkably, almost to the...

Client Affairs
5 April 2005

New York Still Where The Money Is

Both the West and East coast of the US have the wealthiest ZIP codes (area codes), according to...

Client Affairs
25 March 2005

Maximise “A” Day Protection: Maximise Action Now

6 April 2006 is a date imprinted on the minds of all private client advisers as “A” Day: the...

Client Affairs
24 March 2005

UK's Next PLC Devise Ingenious Executive Compensation Scheme

In an innovative new approach to rewarding senior executives, Next Plc last year announced that its...

Client Affairs
8 March 2005

US Executives & Corporates Offered Tax Lifeline

The US Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") has unveiled a settlement initiative for executives and...

Client Affairs
3 March 2005

Wealthy Break Silence on Private Decisions Over Succession

“The Succession Project” was commissioned by Saffery Champness to confirm our understanding of...

Client Affairs
23 February 2005

Baby Boomers Not About to Retire, Says Merrill

The baby boomer generation is not interested in pursing a traditional retirement of leisure but...

Client Affairs
17 February 2005

Taxation of “Private” Collective Investment Schemes – Big Changes Ahead?

Collective investments schemes in the UK currently enjoy a favourable tax position allowing them to...

Client Affairs
16 February 2005

Discriminatory Taxes – EU to The Rescue

One of the features of our tax system has always been that the tax treatment of a person or...