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New Products
27 October 2022

What’s New In Investments, Funds? – QUAERO CAPITAL

The latest news on investment offerings, financial products and other services relevant to wealth...

26 October 2022

UK Regulator Goes After "Greenwashing"

The City regulator wants to crack down on the business of making conventional investments appear...

People Moves
26 October 2022

Who's Moving Where In Wealth Management? – Sionic, TIME Investments, Others

The latest moves and appointments in wealth management roles in the UK and rest of Europe, Middle...

Emerging Markets
26 October 2022

New Bond Builds Funding For UK-Linked Emerging Market Countries

Investment links between the UK and India are important. They are likely to gain traction for...

Asset Management
26 October 2022

Exclusive: Investment Opportunities Outlined – Close Brothers Asset Management

Faced with tough markets, Robert Alster, chief investment officer at Close Brothers Asset...

Investment Strategies
25 October 2022

China's Economic Challenge As Xi Continues In Power

Taking up an unprecedented third term in power, the Chinese leader and his colleagues have a lot to...

M and A
24 October 2022

Stonehage Fleming Acquires Rootstock Investment Management

The latest mergers and acquisitions at international multi-family office Stonehage Fleming. ...

Market Research
24 October 2022

ESG Phenomenon: M&G Investments Report

The latest developments in the ESG space. ...

21 October 2022

The Bahamas And Innovation, Adapting Around Investment

This is a mini-series on The Bahamas Financial Services Industry. ...

Investment Strategies
21 October 2022

UK's Liz Truss Resigns Amid Conservative Turmoil – Reactions

After 44 days in power, Liz Truss has resigned as UK prime minister and leader of the Conservative...

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Investment Strategies
15 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Putting Personal Values Into Investing - Debates From The WealthBriefing London Summit

The recent WealthBriefing Summit in London held a discussion around what are sometimes called...

Investment Strategies
22 May 2015

INTERVIEW: Polen Capital Raises Stakes In Active Vs Passive Debate With High Concentration Fund

This publication recently interviewed the manager who believes that high-conviction investment and...

WM Market Reports
2 July 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Defining Alternative Investments Is Tough, But They Can't Be Ignored - Summit

One of the oft-noted features of finance is that terms such as “alternative investment” or...

WM Market Reports
3 March 2014

EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: Africa Seen As Wealth Management's Final Frontier - Part 1

In the first of a two-part feature, this article talks to banks and investment firms working in...

11 December 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Equality For Women Is The Ultimate "High-Yield Investment" - UBS Forum

In the third in a series of articles from the UBS Global Forum on Philanthropy, this publication...

6 November 2013


At a recent ‘training and competence’ conference in London hosted by the Chartered Institute...

6 November 2013


The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has published a ‘consultation document’ to resolve many...

14 October 2013

Catalyst Censure Creates slight Confusion

Although the Financial Conduct Authority's recent censure of Catalyst Investment Group Limited...

Industry Surveys
30 September 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Swiss Private Bank Survey Reveals Wide Quality Differences

A survey of 14 Swiss private banks revealed the calibre of investment advice and consultation...

24 September 2013

INTERVIEW: Barclays' Wealth, Investment Arm Looks To Get Leaner

Barclays' wealth and investment arm is reviewing the number of its global booking centres and also...