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6 March 2023

The Bahamas: A Complete And Compelling Choice

In the first of a four-part series of studies, this news service issues a report about developments...

White Papers
24 January 2023

Demise Of The Dollar Is Greatly Exaggerated – Credit Suisse Paper

The bank's institute takes a look at underlying financial market trends, what forces are at work,...

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26 January 2022

What Should Family Offices Ask Their Lawyers – White Paper

The law firm has issued a new white paper series exploring the kind of points family offices should...

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22 December 2021

The Benefits Of "Seeding" Hedge Funds – Study

Prior to 2000, hedge funds were typically incubated within banks or seeded by wealthy individuals....

White Papers
18 August 2020

Wealth Firms Face Losing Millions in Digital Marketing Value In 2021

A new research report from this news service examines what wealth managers must do to protect their...

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21 June 2019

EDITOR'S CHOICE: Last Year's Equity Selloff Should Kill Industry Complacency - BCG

The BCG report that notes how firms must overhaul business models is the editor's choice article...

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29 May 2019

Julius Baer Charts Present, Future Japanese Wealth Drivers

The private bank has produced a white paper examining the changes it says are under way in Japan...

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12 November 2018

How Family Offices, Individuals Secure Privacy - Citi Private Bank

Privacy is under attack from official, private and criminal sources, and the private bank advises...

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20 June 2017

Financial Advisors Need To Adjust Business To Attract Younger Clients - Report

The report was carried out by BNY Mellon's Pershing, which examined the decisions made by young...

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4 May 2017

How Forex Markets Were Blindsided By Brexit Vote - Swiss Finance Institute White Paper

The SFI has issued a White Paper exploring how financial markets got Brexit so wrong, and how the...

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White Papers
25 January 2017

Smart Strategies For Growth: A Study Of The UK Wealth Management Industry

Smart Strategies for Growth: A Study of the UK Wealth Management Industry has now been launched, a...

White Papers
16 June 2016

WealthBriefing Research Spotlights Social Media Use For Wealth Managers

This publication is pleased to release its latest white paper, focused on the growth of the...

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5 October 2012

Asia: Welcome To The "New Era Of Moderate"


White Papers
15 December 2011

Hong Kong Leapfrogs UK, US And Singapore As World’s Top Financial Centre


White Papers
14 February 2011

Issues Will Always Exist In A Family Business – White Paper

A new white paper, Issues Will Always Exist in a Family Business: Tackling Them Is the Real Trick,...

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18 January 2011

Investors’ Attraction To The Asian Consumer - Rockefeller White Paper

A white paper published by Rockefeller Financial concludes that investors cannot ignore the ongoing...

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6 December 2010

Long/Short Equity Investing – Convergent White Paper

Long/short strategies continue to dominate the hedge fund landscape both in terms of number of...

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30 November 2010

Charity Top Spending Priority For Quarter Of HNW Individuals - Barclays Wealth

Barclays Wealth surveyed 2,000 high net worth individuals around the world and found that close to...

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17 November 2010

Directors Of Offshore Funds Fall Short On Governance - White Paper

Directors of offshore hedge funds often lack qualifications for the role and are unable to provide...

White Papers
19 October 2010

Family Transitions: Managing Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer - White Paper [DO NOT EDIT]

The shift toward an older population has enormous economic, social, and political implications and...