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17 November 2020

Capital Gains Tax Could Change: Time To Act

There is no certainty that recent proposals to increase CGT and expand its scope will be...

13 November 2020

Wealth Industry Hammers UK Capital Gains Tax Proposals

Proposals to change the UK's capital gains tax system will, private client advisors and academics...

12 November 2020

Advisors Frown On Proposed UK Capital Gains Tax Changes

Proposals to "simplify" the CGT regime in the UK are giving some private client advisors heartburn...

20 August 2020

It's Business As Usual For UK's Non-Dom Regime Despite Slip

The death of the UK’s non-domiciled system has been greatly exaggerated, so the authors of this...

20 August 2020

Editor's Summer Picks: Hackers Threaten Global Account-Sharing Pacts, Law Firm Warns

As the summer vacation season - in this most extraordinary of years - gets under way and some of...

12 August 2020

UK Tax Authorities Widen Footballer Tax Net - Report

The issue centres around how clubs use image rights of players to take advantage of differences...

5 August 2020

UK Non-Dom Population Slips, Tax Payments Rise

The most recent available data for this slice of the population suggests that the decline in their...

28 July 2020

A Wealth Tax Is Not The Answer - So What Is?

The author of this article writes that wealth taxes appeal to the "soak the rich" mindset but make...

9 July 2020

UK's Summer Economics Booster: Reactions

The UK's finance minister set out his "Summer Statement" yesterday on how the government wants to...

8 July 2020

French-American Group Sues Over Finance Access Woes - Report

The report is another example of how people living in Europe, who were born in the US, face...

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3 October 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: Setting Up A Trust For Russian Tax Residents – Most Common Questions

The new rules continue to shape the way Russians think, plan and comply, since their concerns...

26 September 2017

BOOK REVIEW: What Everyone Needs To Know About Tax By James Hannam

A lucid examination of the UK tax system, with its maze of rules, comes from a figure working in...

21 June 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: A Walk Around The Common Reporting Standard

This article explores some of the issues that continue to arise from one of the most important...

29 June 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Sub-Dividing A Home For Children - It's Not As Easy As You Think

Dividing a building to provide a home for children is an attractive idea to parents helping...

22 February 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: How To Thrive In An Age Of Tax Transparency

International tax regimes proliferate - with all the delights of reporting and compliance...

4 February 2016

New Brazil Tax Amnesty Puts Account-Holders In Nasty Dilemma - Lawyer

To disclose or not to disclose? That is the question facing Brazilians with offshore accounts who...

9 October 2015

EXPERT GUEST ARTICLE: Withers On Singapore Tax Treaties And Possible End Of Relief Limitations

This article examines tax treaties Singapore has with other jurisdictions and the tricky subject of...

22 July 2015

GUEST COMMENT: Making Carelessness Over Tax A Criminal Offence

The recent UK budget statement promises further powers to criminalise aspects of behaviour...

19 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE EXPERT VIEW: The US-Europe Pact On Information Exchange - A New Beginning

The recent US-European Union agreement on automatic exchange of information is a further move, its...

19 December 2013

Repeat - Banks Begin To Declare Stance On Swiss-US Tax Agreement

Swiss banks Vontobel and Valiant have become among the first firms to state their position on the...