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28 September 2017

Wealth Managers' Apps Get Mixed Scorecard; Study Warns On Lax Security

At a time of heightened worries about cyber-crime, a report that evaluates private banks' mobile...

WM Market Reports
30 June 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Weak Digital Suites Are Weighing Down Wealth Managers - Research

Despite all the talk about the Digital Revolution, many wealth managers haven't climbed on board,...

31 May 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Wealth Firms Need To Be Smarter About Big Data

Far too many wealth managers and financial services firms aren't spending money wisely on Big Data...

WM Market Reports
4 May 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Advisors Can Grab Big Productivity Wins With Tech - Study

A study of the wealth management sector, exclusively reported on by this news service, says...

14 March 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Millennials Want Digital Offerings, But One Strategy Does Not Suit All - Report

New research highlights that wealth managers must address the diversity of millennials in order to...

Market Research
1 March 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Wealth Managers Poised To Reap Benefits Of Data Aggregation - MyPrivateBanking Report

The Swiss research firm's global report, Digital Account Aggregation in Wealth Management 2017,...

WM Market Reports
24 January 2017

Wealth Manager Apps, Websites Must Become State-Of-The-Art To Attract HNW Clients - Study

A study of online and mobile apps of wealth management houses around the world found that in many...

7 December 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Wealth Management Industry Lags On Bots - MyPrivateBanking Research

The Swiss research firm found that out of the 44 institutions analysed, only one wealth manager...

10 November 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Robo-Advisory Model At A Tipping Point – MyPrivateBanking Research

Only those platform providers prepared to change will survive, research shows. ...

Market Research
2 November 2016

EXCLUSIVE: UBS Paves The Way In The Digital World - MyPrivateBanking Research

Research has revealed that while UBS, BNP Paribas and DBS are the world's front runners in online...

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