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People Moves
17 November 2020

Who's Moving Where In Wealth Management? - Kingsley Napley, Raymond James

The latest moves in wealth management and legal practice from across Europe and the UK. ...

22 March 2019

How, Why We Must Trace Crypto-Assets

The author, from law firm Kingsley Napley, considers the issues involved in tracing crypto-assets...

Trust Estate
27 November 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: I'm A Trustee - Get Me Out Of Here

Trust structures provide fertile ground for disputes, particularly those that are familial in...

9 October 2017

Tougher Immigration Status Checks - Another Burden On UK Financial Services

The workload on banks and other financial services is about to get a bit heavier, as new rules come...

13 April 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: Trust Is Hard To Earn, Easy To Lose Among EU Citizens In UK

In early April, the UK's Home Office published revised guidance for EU nationals, an issue that...

17 October 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Did "Fifth Beatle" Know His Will Would Cause Family Rift?

A dispute over the will of the man who once produced the Beatles throws light on some of the issues...

Client Affairs
11 July 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: What Should EU Nationals Do To Safeguard Rights To Stay In The UK?

Brexit creates many uncertainties, and one of the most concerning is the status of EU nationals...

People Moves
4 May 2016

UK Law Firm Appoints Private Client Partner

The London-based law firm has added to its private client partnership. ...

Client Affairs
3 February 2016

UK's Investor Visa Programme Draws Fire As Lawmakers Query Benefits

The UK's Tier 1 visa programme, aimed at wealthy investors, has come under fire. ...

24 December 2015

GUEST ARTICLE: UK Turns Up Heat On Alleged Tax Evaders With Strict Liability Offence

A UK law firm examines proposed moves by the government to make tax evasion and facilitation of...

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