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Trust Estate
5 July 2024

WEALTHTALK: Navigating Tax, Estate Planning In Uncertain Times


Trust Estate
17 June 2024

Advisors Must Practise What They Preach To Clients On Succession

We talk to the CEO of Crestbridge Family Office Services about succession planning within the...

Trust Estate
20 November 2023

Most Wealthy Saudi Families Think Next Gen Is Well-Prepared – Study

At stake is the fact that with so many Saudi businesses in family hands, ensuring that the...

Trust Estate
17 August 2023

The Best of 2023 So Far: Challenges For Multi-Generational Families Over Succession 

The US TV drama, Succession, put the issues of family business transfer and inheritance into the...

Trust Estate
17 March 2023

The Leonard Cohen Forged Trust Lawsuit – The Lessons

Trust and estate disputes are increasingly commonplace, especially in the HNW community where there...

Trust Estate
2 March 2023

Should We Engage In Estate Planning For Assets We Hope Will Appreciate?

For a long time, in wealth planning and transfer conversations it has been taken for granted that...

Trust Estate
9 January 2023

Specsavers' Founders Choose Trust Route To Protect Future Business – Media

The business, now a multi-billion pound company selling millions of spectacles, was founded in...

Trust Estate
6 December 2022

Liability Of Trustees When There’s An Economic Crisis – Whom To Trust?

Given the current volatility of a whole spectrum of investments, it seems inevitable that trustees...

Trust Estate
26 August 2022

Offshore Trusts And The Drive Towards Transparency

Most trusts are used for legitimate purposes. Those that are not will find it increasingly...

Trust Estate
11 May 2022

Offshore Trusts Disputes – The State Of Play

The author of this article examines what has changed in the world of international trusts, and...

Comment & Analysis results for Trusts and Estates

Trust Estate
26 June 2023

INTERVIEW: Wealth Managers Must Get Proactive About Handling Elder Abuse

This news service talks to a UK-based law firm about the problem of "elder abuse" – a term...

Trust Estate
3 March 2023

Challenges For Multi-Generational Families Over Succession

A take-home point from this article is that for multi-generational family firms to navigate...

Trust Estate
24 August 2021

The Problem With Death And Taxes - Analysing A Recent Case

In succession planning, those involved in arrangements need to take into account unforseen events...

Trust Estate
14 September 2020

Will The Pandemic Cause More Contested Will And Estate Cases?

The author of this piece, a partner at law firm Stevens & Bolton, asks what the virus and...

Trust Estate
1 September 2020

Should Trustees Be Worried About Global Warming?

What should those who hold and run trusts think about climate change and the consequences that are...

Trust Estate
12 August 2020

Law Of Unintended Consequences - Inheritance And The Pandemic

Mistakes over estate planning come to light when, as a result of COVID-19, families can be hit with...

Trust Estate
20 February 2020

New Rules, Swiss Trusts And Beneficial Ownership Under Microscope

This publication was the exclusive media partner at last month's annual STEP conference for the...

Trust Estate
11 September 2019

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Communicating With NextGen Inheritors

The latest discussion of wealth industry topics. ...

Trust Estate
12 August 2019

Inheritance Mostly Overrated As A Source Of Wealth

Is inheritance given too much credit as a source of wealth and therefore do policymakers and...

Trust Estate
23 July 2019

The Importance of Planning in Wealth Succession - The View From Asia

Business and wealth transfer and succession issues are a big deal in Asia and this article provides...