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1 July 2024

UBS Targets Unprofitable GWM Clients – Media

As UBS works to integrate Credit Suisse and examine the book of business, a media story focused on...

1 July 2024

HSBC Goes High-Tech In Pursuit Of HNW Indian Clients – Report

HSBC revolves around the India hub called GIFT City, a low-tax centre that in some ways is trying...

28 June 2024

UBS Reshapes Wealth Business

A month ago, UBS unveiled top-level management changes. Now, the bank is putting more...

7 June 2024

OPINION OF THE WEEK: Fixing London's Sluggish Stock Market

Whether it is enabling entrepreneurs to efficiently exit a business (creating new HNW individuals)...

3 June 2024

HSBC Cranks Up Private Banking Ambitions For MENA – Report

The MENA region is already a big source of revenue for HSBC's Swiss private banking entity. ...

30 May 2024

Mass-Affluent, Lower HNW Market – Are Wealth Managers, Banks Cracking The Code?

In this news analysis, the editor examines whether firms have figured out decisively how to cater...

28 May 2024

The Great Wealth Transfer: Three Trends Reshaping Wealth Management

The author of this article argues that the "Great Wealth Transfer" is not just a movement of assets...

22 May 2024

JP Morgan's Dimon Signals Looming Departure – Media 

The CEO – holding the spot since 2006 – has talked about his own final stages of a career that...

13 May 2024

Wealth Managers React To UK Interest Rate Freeze

After the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee decided to keep interest rates at current...

10 May 2024

Evelyn Partners Teams Up With Alfred Dunhill Padel Classic

The event will take place at London’s Hurlingham Club. ...

Comment & Analysis results for Strategy

26 June 2024

The Good, The Difficult And The Stable – What Headhunters See Around The World

We talk to wealth management headhunters in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia about what...

19 February 2024

IQ-EQ Says US Wealth, Family Offices Sector Holds Big Opportunities

We talk to the group about its views on the potential, and the needs, of sectors such as US family...

16 February 2024

Singapore's Seviora Capital Intensifies Focus On Asian Food, Agriculture

Asia, which is home to 60 per cent of the world’s population, will need to produce more using...

15 January 2024

IQ-EQ Taps Into Gulf Region's Wealth Bonanza

Shortly after announcing new operations in Abu Dhabi, the investor services group talked to this...

15 September 2023

Learning From The UK "De-Banking" Furore – A Modern Bank's Perspective

A new financial services firm that calls itself a "Coutts-Revolut" hybrid reflects on the recent...

22 May 2023

BOOK REVIEW: In Defence Of Capitalism, By Rainer Zitelmann

While unlikely to sway those already hostile to the free market economic system, this book puts a...

3 April 2023

GCC Countries’ Economic Dynamism Attracts Investors And Wealth

In the first of a series of articles, we look at trends in the GCC region's wealth management...

9 March 2023

Exclusive: Biotech Sector To Take Off In 2023

Swiss-based BB Biotech’s head investment manager, Daniel Koller, talks to this news publication...

21 July 2022

Wealth Managers Who Can Make It Rain – Overcoming Short-Term Thinking

Wealth managers need to think more strategically, and bring in the kind of change-making...

20 May 2022

EDITORIAL COMMENT: A High Net Worth Status Ain't What It Used To Be

Inflation is eroding the value of money at a rapid clip, and that means the old minimum sums...