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12 July 2024

A Charity Evening To Empower Children With Play

A charity this publication is proud to partner with is Right To Play. It argues that play is...

5 June 2024

UK's Philanthropy Impact Unveils New Platform

The new platform is designed to generate partnerships among advisors, donors, investors and charity...

7 March 2024

Building Children's Futures Through Play

This publication likes to regularly interview philanthropic organisations about the work they do to...

20 December 2023

UK's Donor-Advised Funds Sector Continues Growth, Contributions – Data

DAFs have grown in prominence as philanthropy conduits in the UK and in the much larger market of...

14 December 2023

Your Donation Doubled – Press Play

This news service is proud to be a partner of Right To Play UK, a charity that gives children...

1 November 2023

US Philanthropy Becomes More Institutional, Skews Towards Wealthy – Citigroup Study

The US banking group drills into the details of philanthropy in its domestic market and...

26 October 2023

UK's Brooks Macdonald Flexes Pedal Power

The event is an example of how wealth managers embrace sports and charity as a way of connecting...

5 October 2023

Cazenove Capital Continues Iconic Orchid Festival 

The sponsorship of this annual event is an example of how wealth managers can promote brands and...

28 September 2023

Julius Baer Takes Jazz Vibe To China

The move is, so Julius Baer says, an example of an East-West "bridge" of culture. Banks have for...

21 September 2023

Guest Article: Philanthropy Is Evolving – Advisors Must Adapt

Annabel Spring, CEO of HSBC Global Private Banking, discusses the role of philanthropy in wealth...

Comment & Analysis results for Philanthropy

2 February 2024

Making An Impact - In Conversation With Big Issue Group's Nigel Kershaw

WealthBriefing talks to a prominent figure in the UK philanthropy/impact investing world, involved...

26 January 2024

Taking Risks Out Of Philanthropy

We talk to law firm Farrer & Co and a lawyer working in the charities area about the kind of themes...

7 December 2023

Philanthropy In Testing Times: A Transatlantic Perspective

Whether it is sunset clauses on foundations, arguments about purpose, help with clients about...

25 July 2023

Bringing Great Eye Vision To The Poor – A Hong Kong Philanthropist's Tale

Chen’s philanthropy journey throws light on an important aspect of charity that can be...

20 December 2022

Asset Allocation For Philanthropists Gets Tough

Rising inflation, falling stock markets, pleas for help and donors' own financial constraints mean...

13 January 2022

Cazenove Capital Eyes Strong Donor Advised Fund Demand

Donor-advised funds are a turn-key solution for rapidly building a philanthropic toolkit and...

10 August 2020

Top Considerations When Setting Up Charitable Endowments

Setting up a charitable endowment or foundation is a rewarding experience, but one that family...

2 December 2019

The Giving Season: A Walk Through Philanthropy - ABN AMRO Mees Pierson

In this philanthropy series we talk to the Netherlands-based private banking group about its views...

2 October 2018

Transforming Lives With Sports, Art - A Philanthropist's Story

This publication spoke to a prominent India-based philanthropist who has operated internationally....

28 September 2017

Philanthropy, Impact Investing Can Work Side-By-Side - Foundation

The director general of Fondation de Luxembourg discussed the largest area of philanthropy. ...