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23 April 2024

Bonds: To Be Or Not to Be? – Natixis IM

Natixis Investment Managers recently held a Thought Leadership Summit in Paris at which affiliates...

Investment Strategies
27 March 2024

Indian Elections: Tapping Into The Country’s Growth Story

With the announcement by India’s election commissioners that the country’s 2024 general...

Investment Strategies
26 March 2024

PIMCO: Bank Of Japan’s Policy Shift Ushers New Era For Investors

Tomoya Masanao, co-head of Asia-Pacific portfolio management, co-head of PIMCO Japan, discusses...

Investment Strategies
22 March 2024

US Fed, BoE Hold Fire On Rates; Switzerland Cuts – Wealth Managers' Reactions

This has been a busy week for central banks, with the Bank of England and Fed holding rates, while...

Investment Strategies
20 March 2024

After 17 Years, Bank Of Japan At Last Raises Rates – Reactions

For a decade and a half, the central bank has kept interest rates on hold, an extraordinary period...

Investment Strategies
27 February 2024

Evelyn Reshuffles Asset Allocation, Smiles On US Stocks, UK Government Bonds

The UK wealth management firm updates investors on how it has changed its investment stance. One...

Investment Strategies
4 January 2024

The Four "4s" That Bode Well For Japanese Equities – GMO Asset Management

As wealth and asset managers continue to set out their ideas on strategy and portfolio positioning...

Investment Strategies
5 December 2023

Pictet Positions For Sluggish Global Growth, Smiles On European Valuations

The Swiss firm explains its asset allocation ideas and economic assumptions for the following year....

Investment Strategies
10 November 2023

Focus On Gold As A Safe Haven

Investment managers share their insights on gold’s recent strong performance, and how it has...

Investment Strategies
8 November 2023

Japan: Can It Emerge From Decades-Long Deflation?

Inflation has returned to Japan and the approach of the central bank has sent the yen down to its...

Comment & Analysis results for Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies
5 March 2024

Managing Autocracy Risk Is Big Wealth Protector

A quick perusal of news headlines underscores why the risk of holding firms exposed to...

Investment Strategies
22 August 2023

Value And Growth – Japan’s Promise And Performance

This news service recently talked to a UK-based investment house that concentrates on Japanese...

Investment Strategies
10 January 2023

Emerging Markets In 2023: Short-Term Pain Before Long-Term Gains

LGT Wealth Management joins the chorus of firms talking about investment issues and challenges at...

Investment Strategies
9 November 2022

Cash-Rich Firms Can Tap M&A Opportunities As Rates Rise

Companies with plenty of cash stand to benefit from the M&A opportunities that can be thrown up in...

Investment Strategies
12 July 2022

Seeking A Sustained Asia Rebound Amid Rising Risks

PineBridge Investments asks what sort of market rebound in Asia is likely at a time of economic and...

Investment Strategies
20 April 2022

Steering A Careful Course Around Credit Amid Volatile Times

We talk about rising rates, hot inflation, Russia and much else with a senior figure at an asset...

Investment Strategies
24 March 2022

The March Of The Robots – The Investment View

Use of robots is set to continue, even accelerate, but they will create new industries and roles,...

Investment Strategies
2 February 2022

How Barclays Private Bank Is Positioning Its Portfolios

We talk to the UK-based private bank to ask about its asset allocation stance, its expectations for...

Investment Strategies
19 January 2022

Investors Should Lean In To India's Opportunities – Matthews Asia

India can provide investors with a high-growth allocation in their portfolios particularly at a...

Investment Strategies
26 July 2021

Inflation Pressures Rise, But Not Great Cause For Concern - J Stern & Co

We talk to an investment firm set up to manage the wealth of a 200-year-old European family, and...