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14 December 2021

Clock Ticks Down Towards LIBOR's End - UK Regulator

The LIBOR system of interbank rates is ending this year, and a new regime will take over which...

Banking Crisis
29 September 2020

LIBOR – A $300 Trillion Problem. What Wealth Managers Must Do

This is a second article by an author who asked the wealth management sector whether it was ready...

Banking Crisis
4 March 2020

Life After LIBOR: What Wealth Advisors Need To Know

A benchmark that provided the anchor for financial products around the world, counted in trillions...

6 December 2019

London's Next Potential "New Libor" Tax Evasion Scandal

Sharp practices likened to Libor-fiddling conduct a few years ago have come to light, and could...

19 June 2018

Citigroup Settles $100 Million Libor Rigging Charges

Citigroup’s alleged misconduct occurred in 2008 and 2009, during the global financial crisis. ...

4 April 2018

HSBC Settles Libor-Rigging Suit For $100 Million

The bank is one of a number of major lenders to settle claims of rigging the benchmark rate that is...

9 January 2018

UK Regulator Slaps Former RBS Derivatives Trader With £250,000 Fine, Industry Ban

The penalties relate back to the infamous Libor-rigging scandal. ...

18 October 2017

LIBOR's Days Are Numbered As New-Look Benchmark Rate To Go Live In April - BoE

Sonia will replace Libor, a benchmark rate that has been tainted by scandal in recent years. ...

Fund Management
13 September 2017

Schroders Launches First UK-Dedicated Infrastructure Debt Fund

This new fund has targeted raising £500 million ($664 million) of capital and a return of Libor...

28 July 2017

Get Ready To Say Goodbye To LIBOR, Says UK Regulator Chief

The financial sector must prepare to move to a different, more reliable way of building interest...