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27 May 2022

UK Tries To Ease Energy Pain, Imposes Windfall Tax

In a bid to curb the pain of soaring energy bills and the political consequences, the UK government...

8 April 2022

UK Government Attacked Over Non-Dom Regime

Defenders of the non-dom regime say such wealthy people are still taxed on certain UK-based...

7 September 2021

Lasting Powers Of Attorney Going Digital - How Will They Work?

In spite of the challenges presented by the pandemic, lasting powers of attorney are useful estate...

4 August 2021

Can Lasting Powers Of Attorney "Go Digital" Safely?

The use and potential misuse of LPAs has been a subject of controversy in the private client legal...

15 March 2021

UK Eyes Regulatory Set-Up To Defend City Post-Brexit - Report

The departure from the EU and the regulatory structures involved puts the UK under pressure to stay...

26 February 2021

Paying For The Pandemic: What UK Wealth Managers Might Expect

The UK government sets out its tax and spending agenda on 3 March. In these extraordinary times, it...

Alt Investments
24 February 2021

How The UK Avoids "Zombie" Company Problem

The government’s initial emergency capital kept many businesses afloat. But we are past survival...

19 November 2020

Greening The UK: Sector Responds To PM's 10-Point Plan

We're not out of the woods yet but governments are keen to set a new post-COVID green agenda. The...

17 November 2020

Capital Gains Tax Could Change: Time To Act

There is no certainty that recent proposals to increase CGT and expand its scope will be...

Trust Estate
24 August 2020

Wills In The 21st Century - The Significance Of Virtual Witnessing

The UK government now allows wills to be witnessed virtually - clearly a major benefit in an age of...

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Real Estate
16 December 2019

Leasehold Properties - How Changes Could Affect English, Welsh Markets

Reforms to the property leasehold system have affected hundreds of thousands of owner-occupiers and...

20 December 2018

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Let's Have Consistency In How HNW Individuals Are Treated

The UK government reportedly favours high-earners and persons from certain countries under a new...

16 November 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Non-Doms And The Brexit Dimension

The UK government has significantly changed the operation of the non-domicile rules. The Brexit...

23 July 2013

ANALYSIS: UK Government Proposes A Registry Of Beneficial Owners

The issue of knowing who is the "beneficial owner" of a trust or company has become a major...

Company Profiles
9 May 2013

INTERVIEW: As Pension Tax Breaks Erode, VCTs, Other Structures Shine Brightly - Octopus Investments

As the UK government erodes or is accused of cutting tax breaks for higher earners’ pension...

Client Affairs
9 June 2009

Pensions Cause Much Of The Pain As UK Moves To Raise Top Tax Rate

The UK government jolted the UK wealth management industry earlier this year with a proposed...

Wealth Strategies
7 May 2009

Mind The Gap - How Wealth Advisors May Exploit New UK Tax Differences

The UK government's controversial proposal to set a new higher income tax of 50 per cent on high...

Client Affairs
20 September 2006

UK Government Forced to Look Again at Pension Annuities

The UK government is considering scrapping new rules that prevent pensioners being forced to buy an...