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12 October 2017

Robo-Advisors Are A "One-Trick Pony," Says Swiss Research House

This article examines a report titled Global Robo-Advisor Benchmarking 2017 – Mostly a "One-trick...

28 September 2017

Wealth Managers' Apps Get Mixed Scorecard; Study Warns On Lax Security

At a time of heightened worries about cyber-crime, a report that evaluates private banks' mobile...

WM Market Reports
30 June 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Weak Digital Suites Are Weighing Down Wealth Managers - Research

Despite all the talk about the Digital Revolution, many wealth managers haven't climbed on board,...

31 May 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Wealth Firms Need To Be Smarter About Big Data

Far too many wealth managers and financial services firms aren't spending money wisely on Big Data...

14 March 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Millennials Want Digital Offerings, But One Strategy Does Not Suit All - Report

New research highlights that wealth managers must address the diversity of millennials in order to...

WM Market Reports
24 January 2017

Wealth Manager Apps, Websites Must Become State-Of-The-Art To Attract HNW Clients - Study

A study of online and mobile apps of wealth management houses around the world found that in many...

7 December 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Wealth Management Industry Lags On Bots - MyPrivateBanking Research

The Swiss research firm found that out of the 44 institutions analysed, only one wealth manager...

10 November 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Robo-Advisory Model At A Tipping Point – MyPrivateBanking Research

Only those platform providers prepared to change will survive, research shows. ...

Market Research
2 November 2016

EXCLUSIVE: UBS Paves The Way In The Digital World - MyPrivateBanking Research

Research has revealed that while UBS, BNP Paribas and DBS are the world's front runners in online...

WM Market Reports
17 February 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Researchers Discover New Sub-Species - The "Hybrid" Robo Advisor

A report by MyPrivateBanking Research explores a form of "robo-advisor" that does not jettison the...

Comment & Analysis results for MyPrivateBanking Research

26 November 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Asia Is Out Front As HNW Individuals Embrace Mobile Tech, Apps In Wealth Management

More than 80 per cent of affluent and high net worth persons around the world use apps or mobile...

17 September 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Here Come The Robo-Advisors - The Tech Threat To Conventional Wealth Managers

A new term can be added to the wealth management lexicon: robo-advisors. In an exclusive report to...