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14 November 2023

US Corporate Beneficial Ownership Disclosure Gets Closer

Less than two months away, a new legal requirement on US corporates kicks in, requiring firms to...

24 October 2023

Impose Global Minimum Tax On Rich People – European Group

The proposals designed, so their authors say, to thwart evasion and forms of avoidance, raise...

19 October 2023

A US And EU Recesson On The Cards – LGIM

London-based Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) yesterday presented its investment...

New Products
29 September 2023

What’s New In Investments, Funds? – Legal & General IM, Calculus

The latest news in investment offerings, financial products and other services relative to wealth...

New Office
7 September 2023

Legal & General Investment Management Targets Singapore

Legal & General Investment Management has said that its new office in Singapore will add depth,...

29 August 2023

Tycoon's Tangled Trust, Foundation Moves Create New Legal Waves

The cases of a European wine and beer industry businessman, who has been accused of using trusts...

16 August 2023

The ESG Phenomenon: US Firms Expect "Backlash" Against ESG To Continue, Escalate

Advocates of ESG investing haven't had everything their way in recent months. Falling markets...

7 July 2023

FCA Review Suggests Long-Term Asset Fund Not Yet Retail-Ready – Comment

The UK watchdog issued a report this week saying that asset managers must be better at managing...

4 July 2023

UK Widens Ban On Legal Advice To Russian-Linked Business Deals

The UK's top foreign minister added, however, that the measures don't mean that Russian nationals...

2 June 2023

Singaporean Law Firm In Talks Over AT1 Credit Suisse Lawsuit

The legal actions by holders of Additional Tier 1 bonds – forms of capital issued by European...

Comment & Analysis results for Legal

31 August 2023

Learning The Legal Lessons From “Succession”

In this detailed analysis of legal questions generated by the HBO television drama, law firm Squire...

7 October 2021

Art's Courtship With Non-Fungible Tokens: The Legal Territory

Art is subjective, designed to test boundaries and spark conversations, and NFTs have undeniably...

22 May 2020

Estate Planning: Why Are Digital Assets So Tricky To Deal With?

A timely question - with or without a global pandemic - is what becomes of your digital assets?...

8 October 2019

Wealth Management Talent Tussles - Getting Legal Balance Right

The Credit Suisse spying case demonstrates that when banks try to enforce no-compete terms on...

25 September 2019

EDITORIAL COMMENT: UK's Wealth Centre Status Vulnerable To Brexit Turmoil

Sometimes distance can lend perspective. This publication reflects on the Brexit drama, the legal...

28 June 2019

UHNWs Brace For More Media Access To UK Family Courts, Legal Comment

Journalists are largely shut out of reporting cases in the UK Family Court. But a review of media...

25 April 2019

We Still Need To Talk About Brexit - Legal Analysis

A lawyer talks about the impact of Brexit on cross-border wealth planning, trusts and other issues...

5 February 2018

GUEST ARTICLE: Charting The Legal Maze Of Crypto-Currencies

Crypto-currencies are causing a major stir in financial markets but much of the legal issues around...

14 September 2017

Power Of Attorney Still Fit For Purpose Amid The Big Intergenerational Wealth Shift - Lawyers

The instrument of lasting power of attorney has come in for attack in recent weeks but lawyers say...

6 September 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: A Walk Around Controversy Over Lasting Powers Of Attorney

Comments from a judge around what he sees as abuse of Lasting Power Of Attorney have prompted...