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New Alliance Sees Jupiter Manage Emirates Fund Range

Sandra Kilhof

6 December 2013

A multi-manager team from London’s Jupiter Asset Management will now run a range of multi-asset funds for Emirates NBD Asset Management after the firms have entered into a strategic alliance.

As a result, the Jupiter independent funds team is now delegate investment advisor on the fund range adding to its $16 billion in assets under management through multi manager products, as at 30 September 2013.

“Expansion and global outreach is an important aspect of today’s connected world. As a fund manager focusing on delivering investment outperformance over the medium to long term across its range of portfolios, this is a key development of our international expansion plans,” said Kevin Scott, executive director international at Jupiter Asset Management.

Emirates NBD Asset Management,  which is the asset management arm of the Gulf-region bank, Emirates NBD, also announced the launch of the Emirates Global Quarterly Income Fund Emirates Emerging Market Corporate Absolute Return Fund under the firm’s SICAV structure.

The income fund is an open-ended collective investment scheme domiciled in Luxembourg, with Jupiter’s multi-manager team appointed as the delegate investment manager for the fund. The diversified portfolio will invest across a wide range of asset classes including fixed income securities, equity income and other income producing assets, predominantly through a fund of funds strategy. This also includes investments in asset managers globally across asset classes.

The absolute return fund is a diverse portfolio of fixed income securities, actively managed by the fixed income team at Emirates NBD Asset Management and investing primarily in high-yield corporate bonds of issuers from global emerging markets.