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Survey Of UHNW Advisors Confirms Eastward March Of Financial Hubs

Tom Burroughes

4 December 2011

Adding to further evidence that the centre of economic gravity has been shifting eastwards, a recent poll of 60 specialist international advisors in the UK for ultra high net worth clients suggests that Singapore, Hong Kong and eventually, Shanghai will lead the world as financial hubs.

The poll was carried out by Scorpio Partnership, the consultancy for wealth management, providing insights to Kaiser Partner, the Liechtenstein-headquartered wealth management business.

However, Kaiser Partner was unsurprisingly pleased that Liechtenstein has been identified by the survey respondents as an “up and coming” centre, a move the firm say has been encouraged by the tiny state’s recent moves to crack down on tax evaders through developments such as its disclosure facility agreement with the UK government.

“Recent developments such as the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility were referenced as innovative steps to support the changing dynamics of cross‐border wealth management,” Kaiser Partner said in a report.

“Meanwhile with reference to the core areas of interest of UHNW investors when it comes to wealth management, the professional industry rated that the most effort and importance is attributed to securing the financial security of their family. This ranked significantly higher than broader factors such as utilising their wealth for environmental responsibility and charitable activities,” the survey said.