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Recently-Founded MEUM Opens London Office

Amanda Cheesley

12 November 2023

has opened its London office, which focuses on providing a range of services covering law, finance, and lifestyle for London's private clients and the private capital market.

Founded in 2022, MEUM’s goal is to transform the traditional model of delivering professional services to ultra-high net worth individuals and HNWIs, their businesses, and their families. In the past, legal advice, financial management and support services have come from different sources such as law firms, investment managers, accountants etc, but MEUM said it aims to combine all these services under one roof.

It does not restrict itself to just legal, or wealth services or lifestyle, but has a support infrastructure that spans all aspects of its clients’ lives. Whether clients require investment advice, legal support or wraparound services to make life simpler, MEUM sources advisors and service providers. 

"When we examined the elite professional services landscape for UHNWIs, we identified significant disparities in the depth and breadth of expertise available. Most critically, there was a notable absence of a one-stop solution,” Sofia Syed, (pictured) one of the founders and CEO of MEUM, said. “MEUM has provided that solution; our clients get the highest calibre of experts all under one roof, providing joined up advice. We walk the journey with our clients, we do not push them from pillar to post.” 

MEUM highlighted that UHNWIs find themselves navigating not only an array of heightened risks and regulatory intricacies but also a wealth of exciting opportunities in today’s landscape. They encompass many hurdles, including political uncertainties, shifts in regulatory frameworks and reputational and privacy concerns. 

The prospect of capitalising on new investment concepts and products adds a bold new dimension to clients' financial considerations. Continuity and succession planning remain perennial concerns, underscoring the commitment to construct a resilient legacy and a thoughtful succession strategy in a world of perpetual change. 

"To truly make private capital flourish, you need a team that's well-connected, collaborative, savvy in business, and technically sharp. That's where we shine. We've created a unique advisory team dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of a market we know inside out. Our main focus is giving clients easy access to the trusted solutions, insights, and support they need to stay ahead of the game," Gray Smith, also a founder of MEUM and chief financial officer, said. 

"We've assembled an outstanding team of advisors, covering a wide spectrum of service area and have a rolling pipeline of experts joining soon," Syed added. The firm also plans to expand internationally in the future.

The group’s founders – Syed, Gray, Gregor Kleinknecht, and Julie Taylor – are all legal practitioners. The firm’s specialist service lines include art and luxury assets, philanthropy, commercial and intellectual property, corporate and finance, dispute resolution, education, employment, family and immigration, lifestyle, media and entertainment, sport, personal wealth and tax, private client trusts and estates, private aviation and yachting, property and landed estates. It is regulated by the UK’s Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority.