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Close Brothers Opens Cheltenham Bespoke IM Office

Editorial Staff

8 September 2023

(CBAM) has opened a new bespoke investment office in Cheltenham.

The office, which opened in August 2023, will be shared between a number of senior investment directors and support staff, the firm said in a statement. Those investment directors include Charles Lawson, Charlotte Selby-Rickards, and Ed Mawle and Charlie Purves, who joined CBAM earlier this year.

The new Cheltenham office reflects CBAM’s regional growth strategy, the importance it places on serving clients locally, and ensuring that it is one of the best places to work in UK wealth management. The firm said it believes that a strong regional presence is a recognition that talent and success exists in every corner of the UK, and gives CBAM’s investment managers the opportunity to live and work almost anywhere in the country.

“We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Cheltenham, following some significant hires in the region over the last year,” Giles Marshall, head of bespoke at CBAM, said. “The growth of our bespoke investment offering is key for CBAM, and our new dedicated office will further expand the availability and quality of our services. Alongside this, we know our clients value a personal and local connection with their investment managers, which helps develop understanding and trust, and builds relationships that last decades.”