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Who’s Moving Where In Wealth Management? – Partners Capital, Farrer & Co, Others

Editorial Staff

20 April 2023

Partners Capital
has appointed Nicolas Ganne as senior portfolio manager.

Ganne (pictured) will be in charge of developing the range of trading strategies implemented within the framework of NCM's antifragile investment.

Prior to joining NCM, Ganne was senior broker/derivatives trader at BGC Partners, where he was in charge of the High Touch initiative. Specialising in antifragile investments, NCM manages three funds under Swiss law and provides wealth management services to ultra-high net worth individuals and family offices.

With an extensive knowledge of technical analysis and behavioural finance, Ganne has 16 years of experience across financial markets, mainly in derivatives trading and cross-asset market analysis. After working for 10 years in Europe and Asia in the Structuring, Quantitative and Equity Derivatives Strategy team at BNP Paribas Corporate Investment Banking, in 2019 he joined the Swiss branch of US brokerage firm BGC Partners as a senior derivatives trader. Ganne holds a master's degree in finance from KEDGE Business School in Marseille and is a Certified Technical Analyst (CFTe).

Introducing Ganne, Hans Ulriksen, CEO, said: “We are very happy to welcome Nicolas Ganne in our portfolio management team and are particularly proud to attract such talented people. His industry-wide recognised skills in cross-asset technical analysis and his deep knowledge of the derivatives markets will be particularly useful in helping us hone our trading strategies. His proven track record in spotting trading opportunities and macro trends will highly contribute to our perseverance for antifragility goal and outstanding performances.”

Ganne added: “The many uncertainties of today are particularly conducive to the antifragile strategies developed by NCM and I am very excited to be involved in their implementation. The changing macro environment and high level of cross-asset volatility that we are currently facing makes it even more necessary to incorporate elements of technical analysis and behavioural finance into the investment decision process.”

NCM, which was founded in Geneva in 2025, manages nearly SFr1 ($1.1) billion in assets and has seven employees. In addition to its wealth management business, NCM is active in asset management through three three funds under Swiss law (one fund with specific risks and two traditional funds).