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Ledgex Expands To Meet Rising Demand

Editorial Staff

17 November 2022

, the volume of ultra-high net worth individuals is expected to increase by nearly 30 per cent over the next three years. This is leading analysts to project a 40 per cent increase in five years for the family office market.

Enhancements to the management team include the appointment of Nicole Eberhardt to the CEO post, as well as the addition of highly-regarded industry veteran, Wendy McCoy, as chief strategy officer.

Eberhardt said: “Most vendors haven’t evolved their offerings, and these outdated solutions fail to address current needs. Not only do we offer a purpose-built solution for family offices – one that reduces complexity and is continually updated – we’re fortifying our leadership in order to meet increased demand for LedgexPro.”

Eberhardt, previously CSO of Ledgex, has over two decades of experience as a financial technologist and entrepreneur, the firm said in a statement. She was the co-founder of TKS Solutions, the New York-based software firm whose flagship product, Penny – It Works®, became the premier back office accounting system in alternative investing. 

She was also a senior business analyst at Oakbrook Solutions, assisting family offices with business process reviews and software selection. Prior to that, Eberhardt was a director of professional services for SS&C Technologies, overseeing product management, development and consulting for their accounting systems AdvisorWare®, HedgeWare® and Total Return®. 
The appointment of Wendy McCoy as CSO marks the addition of another financial technology leader to the company at a time when cloud adoption is having a dramatic impact on the industry, the firm continued. McCoy is the former vice president of product management services for ECI, a provider of managed services, technology solutions and business transformation to the financial services sector. 

She has 23 years of related industry experience, including a decade of leading and managing service offerings at IBM. A particular focus for McCoy will be aligning market needs with the products and services the company offers its customers to facilitate mutual growth.
Ledgex Pro enables family offices to simplify data management processes, and position themselves for greater success with purpose-built, constantly updated technology. 

Ledgex's new leadership team plans to roll out new advancements early next year.