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Welrex Officially Launches Wealth Management Platform

Amanda Cheesley

18 October 2022

Against a challenging environment, last week officially launched its end-to-end digital wealth management platform, focused on investments for independent relationship managers to support their high net worth clients linked to emerging markets.

Speaking at the event, investment director Stephen Ashworth, who has a background in derivatives and hedge funds, highlighted the challenges facing the sector, including rising interest rates, high inflation and geopolitical tensions. “The cost of capital is going up and quantitative tightening is taking place in the US and Europe,” he added. “There is also the green energy transition, which is capital intensive,” he said.

“Populations are ageing too which increases inflation and lowers growth, and there is a recession coming,” he said. 

“Portfolios are usually constructed with 60 per cent equities and 40 per cent bond. But it’s not working now,” he added.

Welrex consequently launched its platform, based on seven key factors, to maximise the flexibility of building a portfolio. These include cash, income, real assets, value, growth, alternatives and crypto. 

“Risk management is key. It is baked into our process and it seeks to protect the portfolio,” he said 

“It’s a very flexible portfolio and aims to give superior returns,” he added.

The live platform, which can handle a range of asset classes, connects clients to its custodians in one place and is easy to access, with flexible reporting and a lot of automation built in, he said. 

Speaking at the event, which was attended by relationship managers, wealth owners, and introducers/influencers, founder and CEO, Yevgeni Agerd, added: “The main characteristics of the organisations are an agile brand that adapts quickly to meet the needs of its clients.” 

“The main characteristics of an IRM are high commission-only remuneration, choice to work as much or as little as needed and to work from anywhere and when they want, and results driven,” he said.