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The ESG Phenomenon: CFA Society Of The UK

Editorial Staff

9 February 2022

, or CFA UK, is launching a new qualification to help managers understand how climate change affects investments. The Certificate in Climate and Investing is an example of how the skillsets of wealth managers need to change in order to respond to concerns about the environment, or digitalisation of the workplace, for example.

The certificate is a self-study course requiring a recommended 150 hours of study. The 10-part syllabus covers climate science, regulatory response and policy, the changing corporate reporting landscape, and tools specific to measuring climate-related impacts on investments across a broad range of asset classes in both public and private markets, as well as at portfolio level, the CFA UK said in a statement yesterday.

When they complete the course, candidates will “understand the implications of climate change on an investment and the ability to incorporate relevant tools, techniques and data into investment processes,” the organisation said.

Registered candidates have 12 months from starting the certificate course to sit the exam. Upon successful completion, they will be awarded their Certificate in Climate and Investing.

“The launch of CFA UK’s Certificate in Climate and Investing comes at a pivotal time for the investment profession. COP26 reaffirmed the changes that need to be made and highlighted the finance sector's increased commitment to working with government and civil society to maintain the sustainability of our planet,” chief executive at CFA UK, Will Goodhart, said. “This programme provides the practical skills and knowledge that people in our sector need to be able to play their part and meet their clients' demands.”