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Pairing Wealth With Health: "Lifestyle" Platform Launches

Jackie Bennion

10 June 2021

Standard Chartered’s innovation unit to create a truly customer-centric, holistic and affordable solution for all,” Autumn’s chief executive Mike Kruger, said.

Alex Manson of SC Ventures, added: “All of us want to grow older in a good way, with a healthy lifestyle, planning the form of retirement that is specifically the one we truly aspire to and giving ourselves the means to achieve it, as opposed to procrastinating about the issue. This won’t be achieved by pushing products – it requires trust in a community of like-minded people and, importantly, the integrity of data-driven decisions. This is what Autumn is all about.”

SC Ventures has had a busy spell of product launches and enterprising partnerships. In December, it announced a strategic partnership with Northern Trust to launch Zodia Custody, a custodial solution for digital assets. Standard Chartered has also backed blockchain technology provider Metaco and it is exploring distributed ledger for cross-border fund transfers with the Bank of Thailand and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

Just last week, this service reported on an app launch serving relationship managers from the Asia-centric bank.