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Local Partnerships: FundCount's Middle East, Africa Expansion

Tom Burroughes

25 November 2019

firms we have to be more creative with our solutions,” he said.

The MENA region is another dimension to a firm that serves more than 130 single and multi-family offices, fund administrators, private equity and hedge funds firms worldwide, with assets totalling more than $150 billion. It has offices in Boston, Zurich, London, Singapore and Sydney. Globlly, the firm has more than 50 staff and revenues are up 22 per cent this year.
Middle East

The Middle East market, meanwhile, is a significant one for FundCount, given the considerable family offices space and other wealth management entities in that region, Slemmer said. In certain respects this market is not different in kind from the other markets in which FundCount operates.

Asked how the firm matched up to targets at the start of the year, Slemmer said FundCount had “met and exceeded expectations…penetration of the single family office space is good….we have signed up some significant SFOs in the UK as well as in the Middle East”.

The firm is poised to announce new capabilities to integrate with “best of breed” applications, so the next few months are going to be busy for FundCount, he said.

In March this year this news service issued a report, “Family Office Focus: Efficiency in Accounting and Investment Analysis” in conjunction with FundCount. The report examined family offices through a survey of 44 firms and interviews with 20 senior executives representing over $72 billion in assets under management.


(The firm won Best Client Accounting Solution and Best Client Communications Solution awards this year in Dubai.)