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UBS Private Clients Swell Impact Investing Coffers

Jackie Bennion

6 September 2019

said that no matter what tools or models become available, ESG “can’t be done mechanistically. You have to have your heart in it, your mind in it, and you have to change the way you look at companies,” she said.

“People want an explanation of how ESG is being integrated and there is accountability of what is actually being done and there is a link between the investment objective and what is delivered to the client. The engagement between what is said and what is actually done."

Haefele put the progress of sustainable finance in that messy transition of balancing the need for reporting and transparency against the need to develop products fast enough for ESG to scale and make an impact. “Hook up the pipes, get more money in the sector, that’s when we can really start to make the fine-grained changes,” he said.