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Investor Services Group Rebrands

Editorial Staff

27 March 2019

SGG Group, the international investor services group, has this week rebranded under the new name of . The change unites SGG, First Names Group, Augentius, Iyer Practice and Viacert under one single brand.

The group employs over 2,450 people across 23 jurisdictions, with total assets under administration of more than $400 billion.

The new moniker is a play on the acronyms representing different forms of human intelligence (IQ relates to conventional measures of intelligence, EQ stands for emotional intelligence). 

“Our new name brings together the rare combination of technical expertise with a deep understanding of the needs of our clients. To deliver for our clients depends not just on our ability to provide expert services, but equally on how well we know them and their business. We believe in personal relationships developed over time. As a brand IQ-EQ perfectly embodies this thinking and reflects who we are and what we bring to the sector,” Mark Pesco, group CEO, said.