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Technology & Operations Trends in Wealth Management 2018

Wendy Spires

16 May 2018

The 2018 edition of Technology and Operations Trends in Wealth Management, produced by WealthBriefing, in association with , has now been launched. 

This wide-ranging report is one of our most popular research outputs, tackling as it does the multiplicity of challenges - and opportunities - facing the industry as it follows the digitalisation trend.
Compliance is naturally a key theme of the report, but others include how wealth managers are moving to optimise their IT infrastructures, which technological innovations are viewed as essential today, and what firms can do to tackle the ever-growing cyber-security risks facing the sector.

On this latter point, it was found that just 15 per cent of wealth management professionals feel highly confident of their institution’s ability to address cyber-threats. So, while collecting ever more information on clients’ needs and preferences emerged as a real priority for institutions today, it seems that data has really become something of a “double-edged sword” – particularly with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation just about to enter into force. 

Technology & Operations Trends in Wealth Management 2018 is based on a global survey of wealth managers and features commentary from a range of senior executives, technology experts and consultants illuminating its findings. The report allows firms to see exactly where they stand compared to their peers, while also giving them real sense of the industry’s direction of technological travel. It is also designed to be a useful resource for specialists and non-specialists alike, and is sure to be of interest to industry professionals whatever their function.