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CoInvestor Offers Digital Access For Advisors Into LendInvest Fund

Tom Burroughes

7 November 2017

LendInvest Capital, which is the fund management and advisory arm of specialist UK real estate lender as a way for UK advisors to put money into a LendInvest fund registered in Luxembourg.

The fund is the Real Estate Opportunity Fund, a $130 million lending fund. CoInvestor’s online platform streamlines access to the fund, LendInvest said in a statement. The fund aims to deliver a sustainable, uncorrelated income yield to its investors with strong downside protection.

“Funds in this rapidly growing asset class had previously been difficult to access directly for advisers with manual application processes that are both time consuming and complex,”LendInvest said in a statement.  

Carl Giannotta, director, LendInvest Capital said: “This is an important new partnership that will give a broader pool of potential investors access to our strategy and give them a superior application process. The ability for UK financial advisers and investors to digitally access the Real Estate Opportunity Fund for the first time promises to make the process simple and efficient.”   

LendInvest Capital manages and advises on over £520 million ($681.2 million) on behalf of its investor base which includes institutional investors, banks, family offices and private clients.