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Two UK Fund Managers Target Private Investors Via EIS Investments Platform

Amisha Mehta

15 February 2016

UK fund managers to allow private investors to take part in Enterprise Investment Scheme investments.

CoInvestor, which was launched in December, offers private investors the opportunity to co-invest in growth companies alongside professional EIS fund managers. Its launch comes at a time of rising interest in growth investment and new ways to save tax efficiently. 

The platform, which gives fund managers access to a second distribution channel, allows investors to choose their own direct EIS investments while benefiting from a professionally managed process, the companies said in a joint statement.

“The benefits for both investors and fund managers are compelling. Investors get access to higher quality EIS investments that they can choose themselves, being managed by professional managers. Fund managers gain access to a wider pool of investors, increased levels of investment activity and greater flexibility,” said Charles Owen, founder of CoInvestor.

“Both Oxford Capital and MMC are demonstrating their conviction that this is an important development in increasing access to tax efficient investments.”

CoInvestor added that it is in “ongoing discussions” with the fund management sector and that it will soon announce a number of other fund managers who will be joining the platform. 

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