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What's New In Investments, Funds? - Wells Fargo AM

Editorial Staff, 29 October 2020


The latest offerings in investments, such as funds and structured products, and other notable developments.

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Asset Management has expanded a Luxembourg-registered range, launching a new sub-fund inside a UCITS structure called the Global Equity Enhanced Income Fund. 

The umbrella portfolio range within which the sub-fund sits is called the Wells Fargo (Lux) Worldwide Funds.

The UCITS fund vehicle mixes dividends from equities and earns premiums from selling options, aiming to deliver a sustainable distribution yield, typically in excess of 6 per cent per year. The fund, which will invest in 60-80 high dividend stocks, will be registered across Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea. The portfolio will be risk-managed across multiple dimensions, including region, sector, factor, and macroeconomic sensitivity.

Managers running different features of the strategy are Kandarp Acharya and Petros Bocray, Vince Fioramonti, Justin Carr, Megan Miller and Harin de Silva.

This announcement follows the addition of two additional sub-funds to the Wells Fargo (Lux) Worldwide Portfolio earlier this year - the Global Small Cap Equity Fund and the Small Cap Innovation Fund.

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