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Forward Features Schedule For 2019

Editorial Staff, 7 March 2019


As guidance for firms and readers, this publication intends to explore the following themes over the next 12 months.

Here is the updated (as of March) forward features schedule for the WealthBriefing family of newswires (WealthBriefing, WealthBriefingAsia and Family Wealth Report) from January 2019 through to December 2019. Given the uncertainties of news and events, this list may change so please always contact the editorial team if you wish to provide content. Besides this list, the team continue to track a variety of themes and issues.

The editor, Tom Burroughes, is the main point of contact. Email tom.burroughes@wealthbriefing.com, and 44 207 148 0178

Technology – how tech is changing the face of wealth management, ranging from blockchain, artificial intelligence to apps and tools to help advisors in the field. We will be talking to practitioners about how technology improves operational efficiency, gives firms a competitive edge, etc.

Client reporting and wealth managers’ approach to improving, changing the client experience. How client reporting can give firms an edge over their rivals? Exploring the use of tech in finding out where new and future clients are. 

Trusts, foundations and other wealth structures – a look at trends, new entities and innovations. Example: Switzerland is contemplating a new trusts law.

The changing face of "offshore". An exploration of different jurisdictions, seeing which ones are making progress and innovating. Examination of legislative and strategy changes in IFCs. There is a particular focus here on the Gulf Co-Operation Council region of the Middle East and how the GCC region is seeing a number of changes and innovation.

Environmental, social and governance-themed (ESG) investing, impact investing, and ideas about philanthropy. A look at data, results from ESG approaches, controversies, new products and services.

Different approaches to investing, such as how behavioural finance can be applied in practice to portfolios; the continued challenge of investing in a low-interest rate environment; the search for uncorrelated returns and how to insure portfolios; managing clients’ expectations and getting liabilities and assets to match up. 

Alternative investments: looking at developments in private equity, private credit, hedge funds, commodities, infrastructure, real estate, litigation finance, life settlement.

Real estate investing – new trends, structures (use of listed vehicles, direct investing and club deals), examining what sectors are hot and which are cooling down. 

Private client legal issues in wealth management – trends such as managing intergenerational wealth transfer, divorce and family breakups, guardianships and duty of care issues (including powers of attorney); reputation management and protecting privacy; advice to high net worth immigrants around “citizenship-by-investment” programmes.

Family offices and how this sector is evolving around the world – issues such as outsourcing, finding external expertise; managing family disputes; handling complex asset allocation mixes; bill and cash management, dealing with liquidity events, building in-house technology solutions, collaborating with other family offices, etc.

Philanthropy and giving. 

Luxury goods and collectables; concierge business models; the use of luxury goods/experiences in branding, building client loyalty.

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