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New Products
5 April 2024

Standard Chartered Venture Arm, Old Mutual Unit Create New Platform

SC Ventures said the new platform, which will soon be based in the United Arab Emirates, aims to...

Family Office
2 November 2023

Law Firm Hails Hungarian Family Offices Launch, Says More To Come

A law firm operating in countries including Hungary has announced that it has wrapped up the launch...

8 February 2023

Banking Dynasty Row Over Joseph Safra's Will Continues

The story highlights the rows over variation of wills and issues of cognitive decline that this...

New Products
1 September 2022

EU-Based Broker-Dealer Forms Asia Partnership

The Bulgaria-based broker-dealer and Hong Kong organisation are forming a pact that will bring the...

20 July 2022

When Shariah Finance And Green Investing Intersect


4 January 2022

Central Banks' Hawkish Shift, Omicron Hit Global Investor Mood

The new virus variant and growing realisation that the era of ultra-low interest rates may be...

Investment Strategies
16 December 2021

Hot Inflation Numbers Give Central Banks A Headache - Wealth Managers' Reactions

UK inflation figures came out a day before the Bank of England's rate-setting policymakers sit down...

Fund Management
10 December 2021

Funds Data Shows Omicron Rattled Investors

Evidence from the UK and other locations confirmed what readers might have expected: the latest...

7 December 2021

Wealth Managers Can Exhale After WHO Labels Variant "Super Mild"

The new COVID variant has rattled investors but so far it appears that it has less severe health...

16 November 2021

Jersey Finance Inks MoU With United Arab Emirates, Issues Shariah Finance Study

Jersey Finance also marked the tenth anniversary of its office opening in Dubai. The organisation...

Comment & Analysis results for aRIA

Islamic Banking
13 May 2022

Going Green Can Carry Costs, Warns Advisor On Islamic, Other Finance

Those who are attracted to "Green" investing may also be interested in Shariah finance. A firm...

Family Office
23 August 2021

Singapore's Proposed VCC Changes - What Wealth Managers Need To Know

The variable capital company regime in Singapore was launched originally at the start of 2020. Now...

21 May 2021

What It Means To Be A "Contrarian" Value Investor

Blindly practising time-honoured value investing is a dangerous occupation, not least because of...

Industry Surveys
1 July 2013

It's Tough Out There For Global Wealth Managers, But Lots Of Varied Fortunes - PwC

Wealth managers around the world must contend with a still-tough global economy although there are...

Family Office
21 June 2012

Exec Directors At SFOs Earning In The Millions, But With Large Variations

Average compensation for executive directors at single family offices is nearly $1.6 million, with...

8 December 2009

More Banks In Asia Join Shariah Finance Trend

The last few months of 2009 has seen a flurry of activity among providers offering Islamic style...

19 September 2006

UK Bonus Trends: Fixed or Variable?