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2 July 2024

Interpreting Manifestos – An Accountant’s Perspective

A lack of clear detail in the UK political party manifestos about tax ahead of the UK general...

16 February 2024

How AI Affects Wealth Management – Two Perspectives

We talk to two firms about how they see AI affecting wealth management in the coming years. This is...

31 January 2024

Political Uncertainty, Attracting Talent Weigh On Asset Managers' Minds – Study

A new 2023 KPMG Asset Management CEO Outlook was released this week to collect CEO perspectives on...

21 December 2023

Three Top 2024 Trends To Watch

Our US correspondent talks to senior wealth management industry figures about what they think are...

12 December 2023

Banking CEOs Show Cheery Outlook – KPMG

KPMG surveyed 142 banking CEOs from across the Americas, Europe and Asia, to collect their...

26 October 2023

Franklin Templeton Eyes Higher Quality Assets

US-based Franklin Templeton and its specialist investment managers explore corporate and consumer...

New Products
12 October 2023

CFA Institute Launches DEI Code For UK Investment Industry

Advocates of such initiatives say that there is a need to change the wealth management sector and...

11 August 2023

The Best of 2023 So Far: Fine Art Finance – A Change Of Perspective For Your Collection  

This news service is reminding readers of some of the significant articles and features run earlier...

24 July 2023

Recession Risk Less Likely In 2023 – Goldman Sachs

Investors have faced significant headwinds in the first half of 2023, including rising rates,...

6 July 2023

Franklin Templeton Smiles On Fixed Income In 2023

California-based investment manager Franklin Templeton has released its mid-year 2023 global...

Comment & Analysis results for Perspective

7 December 2023

Philanthropy In Testing Times: A Transatlantic Perspective

Whether it is sunset clauses on foundations, arguments about purpose, help with clients about...

15 September 2023

Learning From The UK "De-Banking" Furore – A Modern Bank's Perspective

A new financial services firm that calls itself a "Coutts-Revolut" hybrid reflects on the recent...

9 February 2023

Fine Art Finance – A Change Of Perspective For Your Collection

The international law firm gives a brief tour of the fine art investment landscape, a subject of...

27 July 2021

All Aboard The Regional Wealth Train: More UK Perspectives

We continue our coverage of wealth management firms’ UK regional strategies. For this article, we...

Emerging Markets
14 January 2020

Chinese-Style Capitalism - A Personal Perspective

The author of this article argues that in some respects China is arguably more committed to free...

25 September 2019

EDITORIAL COMMENT: UK's Wealth Centre Status Vulnerable To Brexit Turmoil

Sometimes distance can lend perspective. This publication reflects on the Brexit drama, the legal...

5 August 2019

Why Global Citizens Need Global Wealth Solutions

The cross-border issues affecting high net worth individuals get a fresh perspective from Lombard...

WM Market Reports
4 December 2018

Unpacking What Millennials, Generation Z Wants – The Wealth Perspective

A conference examined how millennials - and to a lesser extent Gen Z - will behave as employees in...

Client Affairs
13 June 2016

GUEST COMMENT: Data Protection Evolves - A Swiss Perspective

Different regions of the world take contrasting views of how data should be protected. This article...

11 April 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: The Panama Papers And How To Treat "Persons With Significant Control"

"Persons with significant control" is a term of increasing relevance, and relates to who is in...