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18 October 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Robo-Advisors Let Down By Compliance Flaws - Report

A study - made exclusively available to this publication - runs the rule over a robo-advisors...

Industry Surveys
26 September 2018

Exclusive: Older Generations Will Adapt To New Wealth Tech - Report

Swiss research company MyPrivateBanking conducted a panel survey of more than 1,000 affluent and...

WM Market Reports
30 August 2018

Exclusive: Robo-Advisor Sector Didn't Eradicate Need For Humans - Report

MyPrivateBanking released a new report which analysed technology vendors for automated investment...

WM Market Reports
6 July 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Client Personalisation, Experience Biggest Issues For Wealth Management Tech - Report

MyPrivatBanking has released its latest report which analysed and ranked the features and...

19 June 2018

Voice-Driven Tech Is Wealth Industry Game-Changer

The industry is going to see a big rise in use of voice-controlled technology between now and the...

10 April 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Private Banks, Wealth Managers Offer "Uneven" Digital Services

A new report shared exclusively with this publication sheds fresh light on the digital offerings of...

28 February 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Wealthy Clients Shun Mobile Apps As Security Concerns Mount

A new report shared exclusively with this publication shines a light on some of the reasons why...

WM Market Reports
11 January 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Wealth Managers Wary Of Thinking Big About Innovation - Study

Wealth managers are keen on innovation but too few of them dare to take a radical approach,...

Market Research
6 December 2017

Wealthy Investors Are Warming To Robo-Advisors, Exclusive Research Shows

As part of the report, titled Investors’ attitudes towards robo-advisors 2017 – Evidence from...

Market Research
12 October 2017

Robo-Advisors Are A "One-Trick Pony," Says Swiss Research House

This article examines a report titled Global Robo-Advisor Benchmarking 2017 – Mostly a "One-trick...

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8 February 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Wealth Management Apps Below Par, Say Rich Millennials

The study, exclusively revealed by this publication, examines views in the UK, US, France, Germany,...

Market Research
12 December 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Why The Industry’s Biggest Threat Should Be Your Next Client

New research shared exclusively with this news service shines a light on the growing sector of...

23 March 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Digital Is Crucial For UHNWIs Too - Report Lists Ingredients For A Winning Strategy

New research suggests that digital wealth management for ultra high net worth investors is crucial...

14 December 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Study Finds Patchy Quality Of Features Behind Wealth Manager Website Logins

An analysis of 12 global wealth managers suggests that they are still not up to speed on the...

26 November 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Asia Is Out Front As HNW Individuals Embrace Mobile Tech, Apps In Wealth Management

More than 80 per cent of affluent and high net worth persons around the world use apps or mobile...

17 September 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Here Come The Robo-Advisors - The Tech Threat To Conventional Wealth Managers

A new term can be added to the wealth management lexicon: robo-advisors. In an exclusive report to...

2 December 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Report Questions The Quality Of Social Media Activity Among Private Banks

The overall quality of social media activity among prevalent global wealth managers and private...

14 March 2013

EXCLUSIVE: War For World-Beating Advisor App Still To Be Won

Tech vendors still have everything to play for when it comes to revolutionizing advisor-client...

18 May 2011

Wealth Managers Shun Transparency, New Research Claims

Despite much talk of its importance, some of the world’s most important wealth managers are...