Guest Article Archive

30 November 2023

London's Status As Divorce Centre – What The Future Holds

With big cases continuing to come through London, the UK capital continues to enjoy – if that is...

29 November 2023

Compensation Models For Wealth Manager RMs: A Look At Switzerland's EAMs

The author of this article argues that selecting the optimal wealth management platform entails...

24 November 2023

Banks' Shift From Open Architecture To In-House Products – What's Driving Change?

The author of this guest commentary, who is a senior figure in the Swiss EAM industry, argues that...

Client Affairs
22 November 2023

The Only Way You Can Buy Time

The author of this article pens a defence of private aviation in terms of its convenience to those...

21 November 2023

Future Of The Wealth Ops Workforce

The author of this article argues that technology and artificial intelligence will revolutionise...

15 November 2023

A Walk Around The World Of Prenups

This article sets out the important steps to consider for prenup agreements, their limitations and...

13 November 2023

Your Client Is Not Anonymous: Are Wealth Managers Running Risks With HNWIs’ Data?

Efforts to handle privacy regulations such as GDPR and equivalents in the US may encourage wealth...

Trust Estate
10 November 2023

Hungary Offers Alternative Structures To Trusts Beset By Greater Transparency

A few days after this news service covered the creation of family offices in Hungary, we return to...

10 November 2023

Shareholder Disputes Increase: How To Manage Risks?

The authors of this article – the fourth in a series – say the present unsettled economic...

7 November 2023

Leaving The UK: Adhesiveness Of UK Tax Residence, Seven Traps For The Unwary

When people choose a leave a country – sometimes to get away from oppressive levels of tax – it...

6 November 2023

No Safe Havens - HMRC’s Increasing Focus On Offshore Matters

As the authors of this article argue, those involved in offshore bank accounts and investments must...

6 November 2023

Transparent Assets: What HNW Families Should Know And Do

This is the first in a series of commentaries from the law firm about private client challenges. ...

3 November 2023

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation: When, How To Prepare For Any Move

With higher taxes possibly on the way in the UK and likely to affect HNW individuals and families,...

2 November 2023

When Investors Sue Fund Managers For Breaching National Marketing Rules – The French Example

The author of this guest commentary argues that to mitigate distribution risks when fundraising...

Investment Strategies
31 October 2023

Asia Ex China: The Next Investment Story?

The author of this piece answers the headline question by concluding that it is "better to be well...

25 October 2023

What Labour's Tax Proposals Could Mean

What a Labour government could hold in store for high net worth individuals is the focus of this...

20 October 2023

The Power of Investor Pushback And Regulatory Change. Case Study: Japan

Examining the Japanese market, the author of this article looks at how to answer clients when they...

Trust Estate
19 October 2023

Forced Heirship, Private International Law And Trusts

Forced heirship is a concept that might appear odd to those unused to different legal codes, but it...

12 October 2023

Financial Risks, Decisions In The Age Of AI

If AI can raise standards for all kinds of advisors then it might be thought of as negligent not to...

4 October 2023

Proposed UK Surrogacy Reforms: Improvements On Horizon? 

The following article looks at proposed reforms to surrogacy law and how they are likely to apply. ...